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Name:Oliver J. Queen | Green Arrow
Birthdate:Jan 21
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen, the only son of Robert and Laura Queen has had a double fold life. Born into an affluent family, he had every wish his heart could desire. Unfortunately, his relationship with his parents were at times strained and distant until finally, they died in a fiery plane crash. Without any kind of moral compass, Oliver grew up into a self-entitled rich playboy and a bully. He tormented his former childhood friend Lex Luthor and others with a callous lack of empathy. For his graduation, he took his yacht out for a party cruise but they were attacked pirates. Using his fledgling archery skills he fought off the attackers before escaping into a life raft only to find himself stranded on an abandoned island.

The island changed Ollie in many ways. For the first time in his life, he had to fend for himself and all of the luxuries he was used to were missing. Sharpening his archery skills and wits, Oliver lived alone on the island for two whole years. It was only by happenstance that he accidentally stumbled upon the drug running pirates who were holding Tess Mercer and her colleague captive. Pricking himself on an exotic tropical vine, he would have died if not for Tess’s intervention. Together, they were able to overpower the drug runners and they escaped the island. This set up the complicated relationship he shares with Mercy throughout the course of the show.

What romantic relationship they had soon crumbled unfortunately once they reached Star City and they soon parted. For over a year, Oliver continued to hone his archery skills and even joined up with a sect of Celtic archers under the tutorship of the dark archer Vordigan. Oliver discovered he had little taste for the cult’s ruthless tactics and eventually fled them.

Finding himself driven to make a difference, Oliver soon donned the identity of Green Arrow.


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